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A 30-year journey in business travel evolution

An interview with CTM Founder and Managing Director, Jamie Pherous

Have you ever wondered what it takes to grow a travel start-up into a global travel management leader; to expand into new markets and adapt to changing travel, economic and socio-political impacts along the way?

In this candid interview, Jamie Pherous, CTM’s Founder and Managing Director, shares insights from his formative years and early career that have shaped his vision for the company.

Jamie speaks to the crucial role of a customer-centric company culture in CTM’s success, highlighting the importance of open and honest communication and an entrepreneurial spirit, to his passion for continuous learning and cultivating leaders from within the organisation. He also highlights the impact of navigating global events, and explains how these experiences have enabled CTM to balance the business, develop robust contingency plans, diversify its customer base and maintain resilience.

As CTM celebrates 30 years in the business travel industry, this interview offers a reflective look at the journey so far and the foundational principles that continue to drive the company forward.

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