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CASE STUDY: COVID-19 Essential Travel

As a result of COVID-19, a fishery customer had their seasonal travel movements into Alaska severely impacted. The requirement for travel, including essential travel, required new processes and policies that adhered to government requirements.

Annual Travel Spend:  $14.5 million USD


Our customer needed to navigate the added complexities of state and federal health guidelines and quarantine requirements to complete the travel arrangements necessary to maintain business operations.

Key challenges faced:

  • The customer needed to produce a plan outlining the safety measures they would put in place to prevent further spread of COVID-19.
  • A 14-day quarantine was in effect at the travel destination.
  • Commercial flights were not operating to locations they needed to send travellers.


Corporate Travel Management (CTM) initiated a hotel negotiation process to ensure employees had a place to stay during the state-mandated 14-day quarantine period. The rate negotiations allowed our client to provide the required safety plan to the government, meeting all quarantine regulations and guidelines.

CTM negotiated room rates included:
• Three meals a day
• Laundry
• Security
• Access to nursing staff to check on employees daily
• Dedicated hotel floors

Along with providing lodging, CTM managed the organisation and booking of charted flights. Additionally, a corresponding report was delivered, to ensure accurate crew member headcounts in support our customer’s data management and duty of care needs. Expert management of all negotiations and transportation logistics provided a clear understanding of where all travelers were, which is especially important during this challenging time.


Through the dedication and knowledge of CTM travel experts, we were able to assist the client with:

  • 124 individual airline charters from June to August 2020
  • 1,880 travelers were moved
  • 13,500 meals (May 2020) were provided to travellers
  • 314 rooms were occupied from May to June 2020

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