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CASE STUDY: Customised Approval Tool

The Roy Hill Project was a world-class iron ore deposit located in the Pilbara, Western Australia. Corporate Travel Management (CTM) and Bright Technologies partnered to provide a customised approval tool solution for the project.

Banner - The customisation of the approval tool to manage site access completed the booking puzzle


The solution needed to support the recruitment, compliance, pre-mobilisation, mobilisation, inductions, and site access requests for all contractors and employees. The site access request was inclusive of travel and accommodation requirements, either on a roster or date range basis, and this triggered approval workflow.


The workforce at peak construction was estimated to number approximately 3,500 people, supported by operational manning of over 1,600 personnel. Adding complexity was that the project consisted of multiple infrastructure scopes, including Mine, Port Landside, Port Marine, and Rail, with provision for seven accommodation villages. This made for complicated employee and contractor patterns of passenger movement when combined with the need for site access approval.


By incorporating an approval system with site access provision, CTM managed to ensure all access needs were integrated into the booking process. Once approved, the travel requestor initiated the booking process for regular passenger transport, charter flights, and all other forms of managed transport including coaches, hire cars, and helicopters.

Integration with the Global Distribution System (GDS) facilitated commercial bookings (including client negotiated rates), and CTM ticketed the travel from the transactions placed on their booking queue. Other managed transport was booked based on the available inventory controlled by the Roy Hill travel team, and the approval process at all times – and therefore site access provision – was included in the booking workflow.

Banner - 90% efficiency gains from pre-trip approval


The customisation of the approval tool to manage site access completed the booking puzzle. Travellers received a single consolidated itinerary inclusive of all flights, accommodation, and managed transport requirements to get them from their origin to site. The solution remained integrated with CTM’s Tramada backend system to streamline reporting. Throughout the process, the traveller’s profile was synchronised to avoid the need for any additional data entry.

Bright Technologies Proven Efficiencies 

By adopting the integration of Bright Technologies workforce management software, Roy Hill was able to achieve 90% time-saving efficiencies over a three-month period throughout the registration, mobilisation and demobilisation process.


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