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Case Study: Election Travel

Corporate Travel Management (CTM) managed the travel requirements for both Government and the opposition across 4 weeks of an election campaign.


Coordination of both air and ground transportation was required to support the Government and opposition campaign deliverables. This involved CTM liaising with several suppliers including air, coach charters and the Government’s outsourced accommodation provider.


The majority of travel was requested with a short lead time, so ensuring our dedicated Government team answered calls and responded to emails with urgency was of the essence. VIP stakeholder bookings were high-touch with a premium level of service and strict confidentiality required across the course of the campaign ensuring there was no cross over of travel between the Government and the opposition.


CTM understood that clear communication would be key to delivering a successful and seamless election travel programme.

In the lead-up, multiple discovery meetings were scheduled with key stakeholders for both Government and the opposition to understand their requirements and expectations. From these meetings, CTM was able to collate and document all information, including key contacts, suppliers, and processes and share it with the applicable parties including the CTM operational and after-hours teams.

The CTM after-hours team needed to be briefed to complement and streamline the high level of service no matter what time of day enquiries were made. CTM assigned a dedicated team, phone line and email to manage the election travel to ensure confidential VIP white-glove service. Dedicated Account Management was strategic support to both parties keeping abreast of schedules and ensuring no location crossovers occurred between the Government and the opposition.


Through adhering to confidentiality protocols, data security measures, meeting in consultation with key stakeholders, documented processes, and clear and concise communication, meeting service level agreements, CTM was able to deliver seamless travel solutions to support a successful election campaign for the Government and the opposition.

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