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CASE STUDY: Global Implementation

Through collaboration, Corporate Travel Management’s (CTM’s) successful global implementation strategy improved traveller profile accuracy, profile maintenance, approval processes and critical date reporting.

Location: The customer is headquartered in San Antonio with locations throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

Business Scope: Global air

Air volume: $8.5m USD / $14m globally


As part of our implementation process with a global leader in diversified wound care and regenerative medicine, CTM identified an opportunity to streamline a very labor intensive human resource (HR) data feed process.


The existing process required the customer to manually clean profiles after each download. In evaluating best practices, CTM recommended merging data from three separate HR data feeds into one fully automated weekly process. From there, CTM could upload to Concur Travel to manage traveller profile, new hires, terminations, approval process and provide accurate travel management reporting.


CTM’s Operations Director and Global Account Manager worked closely with the customer and the company’s key stakeholders from each department. Through open discussion on their current process, CTM were able to determine dependencies and opportunities for process improvement.

CTM worked with the customer and identified best practices of formatting the employee ID consistently in each data feed as the unique identifier, and removed all the email addresses as a reference item used in duplicate name reconciliation.

The goal was to implement a streamlined HR data feed process and eliminate the need for profile clean up after each download.


CTM’s strategy resulted in the client downloading over 4,000 profiles of terminated employees prior to the go live date. CTM’s solution eliminated all manual processes for the data maintenance and profile reconciliation that involved the customers’s management information system (MIS) and account departments.

The new process automatically downloaded the profiles of terminated employees and identified their associated unused, non-refundable tickets for name changes in a timely manner. The streamlined data feed approach also creates profiles for new hires and routes reservation approval to the correct assigned manager based on the hierachy built into the weekly data feed. The strategy also ensures accurate travel reporting for cost centers, departments and divisions.

The refined process is estimated to have saved our customer an additional 2% off gross air sales, based on improved management of unused tickets from terminated employees and eliminate 12 hours per month in manual data feed manipulation.

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