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CASE STUDY: Online Adoption

Online adoption raised from 0% to 45% in one year.

Since partnering with Corporate Travel Management (CTM), the client’s online adoption has increased from no online adoption at all (0%) to 45%.

Read on to find out how.


The client is the leading innovator in global entertainment. It is an international toys animation and video game developer, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. They were looking to optimise their travel programme with a customisable online booking solution.


The main objective was to improve the efficiency and streamline process of the client’s travel programme with increased online adoption.

The key objectives were to:

  • Provide a user-friendly online platform to maximise efficiency
  • Optimise the whole booking process
  • Streamline the data capturing and improve data accuracy


The client required the online booking tool to be configured to meet their specific requirements, policies and procurement process. Given the small time window for implementation, the customised configurations had to be completed efficiently to allow for a seamless transition.


Based on the findings of CTM’s review, CTM proposed and developed a personalised solution, CTM Asia Lightning, which enhanced the client’s travel programme to meet their special needs and travel policies.

Working hand-in-hand with our client, a key user group was adopted to provide feedback and overall assessment to achieve a customised solution, which was more user-friendly and the travel bookers’ needs were better catered.

Furthermore, CTM worked with other internal teams to identify improvements in data capture. With the final personalised online booking tool with enhanced data, the booking efficiency and cost savings were maximised.


Since partnering with CTM, the client’s online adoption and advance purchase raised from 0% to 45% in one year.

The booking process is highly improved and much more efficient than offline booking.

System issues during the booking process have been highly reduced.

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