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CASE STUDY: Travel Programme Consolidation

Origin Energy’s workforce consisted of more than 8000 employees. A fragmented approach to booking all travel activity was resulting in inefficiencies and missed savings.


Origin Energy’s corporate and site travel was fragmented, with separate projects managing their flight, coach and accommodation requirements with no central coordination or visibility. An opportunity was identified to integrate travel teams, processes, procedures and booking tools, thereby increasing automation to ensure maximum benefit was achieved through booking preferred suppliers and recognising significant cost savings.


At the peak, Origin Energy had multiple operators for charter flights, coaches and numerous autonomous camps with 3000 beds across regional Queensland.

Origin Energy is partnered with Corporate Travel Management (CTM) for its corporate travel requirements, including commercial airline bookings, accommodation, and car in rental, in addition to ancillary services such as after-hours assistance, visa processing, reporting and strategic Account Management. Site travel continued to be managed separately via their People Logistics team leading to inefficient processes, booking behaviour and missed cost savings.


An opportunity was identified to merge the two teams (CTM Travel Consultants and the People Logistics team), processes, procedures, and bookings tools, thereby increasing automation, and ensuring benefits realised through preferred suppliers resulting in significant cost savings.

  • INX Inflight was embedded into the CTM Portal to provide a single point of entry for all bookings.
  • An INX module – ‘+Process’ was integrated to queue workflows in date order priority, reducing email traffic, increasing automation and online adoption.
  • CTM moved Origin Energy to a dynamic program with full visibility over charter services, commercial block bookings with preferred airlines, and regular passenger transport (RPT) services. This allowed for the most economical choices at any given time.
  • CTM recommended and implemented Trello as a project management tool to reduce Origin Energy email traffic and improve tracking of major projects, implementations and milestones.
  • CTM worked with INX to build an API to TripCase as a single itinerary source for the whole of Origin Energy, eliminating PDF itineraries, and providing enriched ‘concierge’ and notification functionality.


  • An integrated CTM Operations teams for site and corporate travel was successfully implemented with cross-skilling between all systems.
  • Roll out of the INX module ‘+Process’ was successful. It aligned with a restructure which saw a decrease in the number of Travel Arrangers via the introduction of identified travellers being allowed to self-book. This increased online adoption.
  • Profile synch between Serko and INX capturing profiles that used both systems, therefore making INX the single profile source.
  • Single itinerary source via TripCase
  • Management of INX content and supplier inventory management taken over by CTM consultant team from Origin
  • Total program savings of 18.75% via a dynamic program utilising charter, block bookings and RPT services.

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