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24 September 2015

Business travellers unwind in the clouds

It’s cloud computing but not as we know it, with a new survey showing Australia’s frequent flyers are some of the most connected users of mobile devices.

A Corporate Travel Management (CTM) client survey of some of Australia’s largest companies found more than 20 per cent of business travellers carry three or more mobile devices, but most take the opportunity to switch off from work when in the sky.

The CTM research results showed mobile device usage among business travellers is higher than the general public, with research from the Australian Communication and Media Authority finding 48 per cent of Australians have a smart phone.

CTM Chief Marketing and Technology Officer Tom Clark said the survey provided valuable information for the company by revealing how customers choose to spend their travel time.

“We found corporate travellers are using their devices in flight, but rather than catching up on work, technology is being used to help de-stress and chill out (25.35 per cent vs 64.04 per cent),” Mr Clark said.

“This supports previous feedback that business people, who increasingly are expected to be constantly connected and contactable, use flights as one of the only opportunities they have to unplug.”

Confirming pre-departure travel information (87.02 per cent) and connecting with family and friends while away from home (84.03 per cent) were the top reasons for using mobile phones, laptops and tablets during business travel, with work duties at the destination coming in a close third (81.69 per cent).

“This survey provides support for airlines in selecting their in-flight services, and it reinforces our investment in putting travel information at our customers’ fingertips.

“When the use of technology is so widespread across our customer base, we know we need to continually innovate to provide the information and the solutions clients are looking for, wherever they are, and whatever they are doing.”

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