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CTM Climate+

At Corporate Travel Management (CTM), we understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as an employer and business partner, and we are committed to developing initiatives that provide practical benefits to businesses, the environment and local communities.

CTM is proud to play its part in supporting the long-term sustainability of our planet by reducing the impact of business travel on the environment.

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Supporting environmental sustainability in business travel

At CTM, we believe that travel is important to business performance and that a physically connected world can drive greater cultural understanding, cohesion and collaboration which enables communities and businesses to prosper.

As such, we have developed a climate action program in partnership with South Pole, providing:

  • tools which enable our customers to better understand the environmental impact of their travel
  • solutions to support our customers in reaching their climate neutrality goals

Carbon Reporting

CTM’s SMART Data reporting tool gives customers visibility of their travel program’s carbon footprint. Our at-a-glance summary snapshots can be dissected down to individual traveller, trip and supplier level.
  • Total CO² emissions by month
  • Average CO² emissions per trip and per traveller
  • CO² emissions by service type (air/hotel/rail) and by service provider
  • CO² emissions by fare class
  • Estimated CO² offset costs per month, per trip and per traveller using latest ACCU carbon credit pricing

Carbon Offsetting

CTM’s customers are invited to offset their travel program’s carbon footprint through the CTM Climate+ program.

CTM Climate+ enables businesses to offset the carbon emissions created by their air, hotel and rail travel by supporting a range of environmental sustainability initiatives including rainforest conservation, sustainable livelihood programs, wildlife protection and renewable energy.

CTM Climate+ is a convenient and highly effective way for your business to achieve its climate neutrality targets.

Contact our expert team to discuss your travel programme’s climate neutrality objectives today.