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CASE STUDY: Cost Savings and Online Adoption

Achieved over HK$438,000 in cost savings through providing strategic account management, high service quality level and innovative travel technology for a major insurance group.

Read on to find out how.


The Client is a major European Insurance company, with offices across Europe, Asia and Latin America. Corporate Travel Management (CTM) has been engaged by the Asia Regional Office to arrange the business travels of the client’s top executives and staff in Hong Kong and several other key markets.

CTM is responsible for managing the travel arrangements of the client’s top executives and staff in the whole Asia region.


The main objective was to conduct a comprehensive review of the client’s current travel programme to identify opportunities for cost savings and enhancement on client’s employee satisfaction.

The key objectives were to:

  • Maximise cost savings
  • Increase online adoption
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy
  • Achieve greater employee satisfaction


The challenge lay in conducting a thorough review and makeover on the client’s travel management system and implementation process. The client had negative experience with its previous local travel agency with regards to lack of regional coverage and lack of online booking tool. CTM had to work closely with the client’s various departments to ensure its success.


Regional Account Management: CTM’s regional account management team acted as the sole contact point to oversee, enhance and optimize the entire travel program across the region by planning and executing Strategic Account Management Plan (SAP). The team strived to deliver better company compliance, greater customer satisfaction and advanced travel technology to the client.

Consolidation: Past travel data was consolidated into CTM’s single reporting platform, enabling much easier analysis in the future.

CTM Portal: The CTM Portal allowed access to all travel tools in one platform at any time to meet individual business unit’s needs.

  • CTM Data: The next-generation reporting platform supported automated and instantaneous dashboard reporting, with hypothetical data inputs showing how changes to the travel program can optimise cost savings in the future.
  • Lightning Online Booking: Exclusively available via CTM, Asia Lightning provided a modern, intuitive and user-friendly OBT in market with sleek interface and content factory.
  • CTM Lightning mobile app: A first-in-market corporate travel booking app enabling client to ‘consumerise’ their booking experience with policy compliance and built-in approval process.

Specialised Training and Assistance: CTM provided continuous training of our online booking tool and swift problem-solving assistance for the client’s users and travellers.

Highly Personalised Service: CTM allocated a designated team to the client for timely consultation. The team was committed to provide highly personalised service and localised solutions, adapting to each market’s specific needs and requirements.


The client identified missed saving of HK$272,000 with the conduction of a series of missed saving reason code.

Average ticket price reduced by 12% for the top spending carrier while the spending and number of tickets were increased.

Average ticket price reduced by HK$695,000 on savings achievement through Asia Lightning OBT platform when compared to offline channel for client’s top routing tickets.

Achieved HK$438,000 in cost savings when compared with using the previous travel agency.

Online adoption exceeded 70% over the past year.

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