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CASE STUDY: Travel Programme Implementation

The client is one of the UK’s longest serving and most respected mutual healthcare societies. They undertake high volumes of straightforward UK based journeys.

Their spend is approximately £350k per annum on rail, flights, accommodation, ferry, meetings
and events.


The key objectives were to:

• Introduce a competitive fee structure
• Increase visibility via management information systems (MIS)
• Implement a hotel programme
• Reduce time to book and process efficiencies.

Overall, the main objective was to improve the efficiency of their booking process through consolidation of their travel into an official travel programme.


Through initial implementation discussions, Corporate Travel Management (CTM) identified a lack of controls in place surrounding travel and accommodation expenditure management. There was no clear travel policy only generalised ‘custom and practice’ and little management information on actual expenditure.


Through the implementation phase CTM used a structured processes to collect and collate data for creating the online portal and staff profiles. As the client wanted a system in place as quickly as possible, CTM arranged for the client to begin trading in an offline environment whilst the build of the online portal was completed. Therefore, from contract signing to trading was a matter of two weeks. Once the online system was in place, CTM then undertook a series of face to face training sessions with key bookers.

Another key requirement that was identified was the need to review hotel expenditure. It was clear from initial analysis that there was limited visibility on spend.

CTM discussed and identified key travel locations and from this could estimate the number of room nights required in these specific areas. With these broad details, a structured bespoke hotel programme with negotiated preferential rates was created.


  • 94.37% – online adoption (ferry travel can only be booked offline)
  • Preferred hotel programme – increased compliance via preferred hotels, providing greater visibility for future reneogtiations.
  • Centralised MIS for accurate travel spend analysis and reporting
  • Removal of first class rail travel and flights, reducing spend by 10%
  • Three geographical pricing caps for hotel bookings – in and out of London and provinces.

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