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Sustainable Business Travel: CTM Climate+

At Corporate Travel Management (CTM), we understand and embrace our sustainability responsibilities as an employer and business travel management provider, and we are committed to developing solutions that provide practical and sustainable benefits to businesses, the environment and local communities.

The CTM Climate+ programme offers services and solutions to help your team make more informed travel decisions to support your climate neutrality goals, and better understand the environmental impact of your travel programme.

CTM is proud to play its part in supporting the long-term sustainability of our planet by helping to reduce the environmental impact of business travel.

*Sustainability features vary by region. Please contact CTM to discuss our regional solutions.

Looking for a climate-friendly travel partner?

Understand and Reduce Your Carbon Impact

CO2 emissions sustainable business travel icon

Emissions overview

Track your total CO2 emissions month by month and observe trends and patterns over time. This high-level view helps you see the bigger picture of your travel-related emissions.


CO2 business traveller sustainable business travel icon

Emissions per traveller

Get insights into the average CO2 emissions per traveller. This allows you to understand which travellers are or aren't making more sustainable choices based on carbon footprint.


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Emissions per trip

Get insights into your average CO2 emissions per trip. This information will allow you to understand and indentify your top contributing traveller routes.


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Emissions by service

Examine emissions across service type - air, hotel, car, and rail. Our breakdown gives you clarity on where your emissions are coming from and helps you choose more sustainable travel options.


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Emissions by fare class

Analyse how your choice of fare class impacts your carbon footprint. Compare emissions across economy, business, and first class to see how different travel choices affect your overall emissions.


Carbon offset icon

CO2 offset costs

Calculate your estimated CO2 offset costs using ACCU carbon credit pricing. Our tool provides estimates per month, trip, and traveller, empowering you to take steps towards offsetting your carbon footprint.


Carbon Data: Empower Your Travel Programme With Actionable Insights

Carbon Reporting & Insights

CTM’s Data Hub is instrumental in providing you with comprehensive insights into your travel programmes’ carbon footprint. This powerful reporting tool offers a detailed breakdown of carbon emissions at various levels: individual travellers, trips, or suppliers. Data Hub also provides the flexibility to include high-altitude emissions unique to aviation by including Radiative Forcing in your calculations, giving you the most accurate view of your travel programme impact.

Our at-a-glance summary snapshots provide a detailed and personalised view of your travel programme’s carbon footprint. Dive deep into the data to understand your environmental impact at every level.

Lightning: Powering Sustainable Online Booking

At CTM, we’re proud to be recognised for our commitment to sustainability. We have won the prestigious ‘Achievement in Sustainability – Corporate Booking Platform (Lightning)’ award two years consecutively at the Business Travel Sustainability Awards; a testament to our ongoing efforts and innovation in sustainable travel.

We have also been recognised as the winner of the ‘Sustainability Award – Business’ in the ATIA Awards 2023 for CTM’s meaningful changes to foster sustainability within the business and communities in which CTM operates.

Our partnership with RDC Aviation brings unparalleled accuracy and granularity in CO2 emission calculations for flights, making it the top choice for business travel managers and companies seeking sustainable travel options. RDC’s proprietary fuel burn calculation allows us to display CO2 emissions at the point of booking in Lightning that vary by flight, airline, aircraft type, and origin-destination pair.

By seamlessly integrating sustainability metrics into the booking process, Lightning empowers users to make more environmentally conscious booking decisions with ease.

Displaying carbon emissions for air, hotel, and car options, flight versus train comparisons where applicable, alongside intuitive filtering for electric and hybrid vehicles, Lightning fosters a culture of sustainable decision-making within your travel programmes and sets the benchmark for innovation in sustainability in the industry.

Looking to create a sustainable business travel programme?

Discover how CTM Climate+ can transform the sustainability of your business travel programme.

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CO2 Calculations

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