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2022 Business Travel Insights & Trends


Corporate Travel Management (CTM) recently conducted its 2022 Global Customer Survey to identify the key focus areas in policy development, servicing, technology, and traveller experience for our customers around the world. More than 770 respondents across Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and spanning business travellers, Travel Arrangers, Travel Programme Managers, Procurement, HR and Safety Executives, shared their business travel insights for the year ahead.

The results are in, and we are pleased to share the following key findings which will drive CTM’s product and service roadmaps and travel programme development strategies for the year ahead.

Business travel’s back!

Travel demand has increased significantly since 2021, with nearly 80% of survey respondents globally saying they expect to travel more or the same amount in the coming 12 months compared to their pre-pandemic travel activity. Additionally, 59% of respondents expect to attend more face-to-face meetings in the coming 12 months.

2022 global customer survey

Why do we travel?

When asked what you want to achieve from business travel in the year ahead, the need to engage and retain customers retained its top position in 2022, followed by engaging partners and suppliers. The most noticeable uplift in priorities this year was ‘engaging and retaining employees’, ranked 6th priority in 2021 and increasing to 3rd priority in 2022. This supports the power of face-to-face engagement in attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive employment market.

  1. Servicing and retaining customers
  2. Engaging with partners and suppliers
  3. Engaging and retaining employees
  4. Generating new sales and training and developing employees
  5. Driving innovation and knowledge sharing

Focus areas for travel programmes

As businesses reactivate their travel programmes and budgets, we are seeing travel programmes shift their focus away from health and risk management considerations of 2021 towards cost reduction and servicing needs in the year ahead.

For global travel programmes (operating in 3 or more continents) the number one focus area for the year ahead is ‘customer service’, as global businesses resume international travel activity once again. On a regional basis, national travel programmes (operating in 1 continent only) are placing a priority focus on ‘cost reduction’ as their travel budgets reactivate with a closer focus on ROI.

2022 CTM global survey

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The top benefits of the CTM travel programme 

The demand for travel expertise and round-the-clock support has never been higher, as businesses fast-track their return to face-to-face engagement and employees acquaint themselves with new and evolving travel experiences. The key benefits our customers receive from their CTM travel programme are:

  1. Travel expertise and customer service
  2. Emergency travel assistance
  3. Cost savings and buying power

CTM service

Our commitment to our customers has always been to deliver personalised and flexible service solutions, to develop industry-leading technologies which enhance the customer experience, and to demonstrate a return on investment measured through achieved savings.

Over 90% of survey respondents rated CTM travel consultants’ service as good to excellent (3-5/5)

Account Management

  • Over 90% rated CTM’s Account Managers’ service as good to excellent (3-5/5)
  • Over 90% agree that their CTM Account Manager provides value for money solutions (3-5/5)
  • 90% agree that their travel programme reviews include savings opportunities and achievements (3-5/5)

Emergency service and travel support

  • 90% rated CTM’s After Hours Support as good to excellent (3-5/5)

2022 CTM Global Customer Survey

Booking motivators

Supporting the high priority of ‘cost reduction’ for travel programmes, ‘price’ is also the key motivator for customers when booking their travel itinerary. With a focus on the most cost-effective and time-efficient services, business travellers are looking for the lowest possible fare that supports efficiency and productivity for a greater return on investment.

  1. Price
  2. Efficiency (on-time performance and trip duration)


When considering sustainability within the business travel programme in the year ahead, our customers are placing a significant importance on health & wellbeing and community & social impact beyond the more traditional areas of environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Priority travel programme sustainability considerations:

  1. Health, safety & wellbeing
  2. Community & social impact

Additionally, 72% of respondents said access to information about supply chain sustainability strategies would be important to very important in the coming 12 months, and 57% said they seek environmental sustainability features/services when selecting an airline, hotel or car rental provider.

2022 CTM global customer survey

You spoke. We listened. Now we act.

Thank you to all our customers who took the time to share their thoughts and experiences in the CTM 2022 Global Customer Survey. Your feedback is shared with CTM’s global and regional executive teams to steer our product and service roadmaps in the year ahead and beyond to ensure we’re delivering services and solutions that positively impact the way you travel for business.

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