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Case Study: Repatriation

A Corporate Travel Management (CTM) client who operates around the world was faced with challenges during the beginning stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company needed to repatriate expats to and from a South American country.


Key challenges our client faced in the travel unknowns were:

  • Flights were constantly adjusting, and major carriers were grounding flights
  • Country borders in South America were tenuous, resulting in a lot of last-minute travel
  • Continuously monitoring the changing quarantine situations


In coordination with the travel manager and in-country operations team, we were able to understand the full picture of expats travelling, current travel restrictions, and country entry requirements. Through those understandings, CTM worked diligently to connect US travellers with an international repatriation flight and hotel.


Successful repatriation to the travellers’ home country, while ensuring that entry requirements and quarantine measures were met. CTM assisted in:

  • 19 repatriations from South America to US
  • Four repatriations from US to South America

Do you need help guiding repatriation during unprecedented times? Contact CTM to learn more on how CTM can help you!