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CTM Portal – The home of business travel programmes

How many different moving parts are there in your business travel programme?
From your online booking tool to trip approvals, risk tracking, data analytics and everything in between, a mature travel tech stack should be made of complementary and integrated services. But where do they all live?

At Corporate Travel Management (CTM) we believe in the power of a unified platform for business travel to effortlessly manage business travel programmes. A platform where data flows seamlessly between tools and everything has one familiar user experience, so managing multiple tasks is simple and intuitive, with the apps you need always within easy reach.

That’s why we built CTM Portal

The home of our customers’ business travel programmes, CTM Portal is uniquely set up for each customer and their business; but also for individual user roles like Travel Managers, Travel Arrangers and business travellers. If you want to see trip approvals and analytics first but your Travel Arrangers should only see booking options and upcoming trips, CTM Portal can do both. Your programme and policy aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should the platform you manage travel from be?

Go global or regional with your choice of online booking tools

At CTM, one of the many benefits of our flexible approach to business travel programmes is our ability to be agnostic when it comes to which online booking platform our customers use. Lightning is CTM’s award-winning proprietary online booking tool, and we stand by the speed, simplicity and localised content it delivers, but we still give our customers choice and control.

If you have a pre-existing contract with a dedicated online booking provider, we’ll happily support you in getting the most from it and configure both single-sign-on and data handoff for expense management. If you manage travel across several countries and continents, you can even partner with multiple different online booking tools in different regions, and we’ll make sure only the right people in each of your locations see the tools you want them to. All your online booking tools choices can be accessed from within your CTM Portal.

See the future and secure savings thanks to Fare Forecaster

Getting the best price for flights is important for any Travel Manager who’s keeping a close eye on their travel budget. Fares can vary significantly based on the day of the week due to dynamic airline pricing, something savvy business travellers and companies can take advantage of. But rather than spend hours tracking multiple searches across different dates, we built an app that does just this and included it right inside CTM Portal. We call it Fare Forecaster.

Just choose your destination and ideal travel date and we’ll display an intuitive analysis of prices for a period of 7 days (21 days for ANZ). Once you’ve chosen the best day to fly that works with your plans and keeps prices low, you can go ahead and book straight away thanks to our deep linked integration with Lightning.

Did you know that shifting an overnight travel itinerary by just 24-48 hours could regularly save 20-40% on the cost of flights? Fare Forecaster makes it fast and simple for your people to do just that.

Banner - "16-54% savings were available on flights from Hong Kong to London when switching by just 1-2 days"

Duty of care doesn’t have to be complicated with CTM Risk Hub and Traveller Tracker

We make it easy to show you upcoming trips for your whole company or at an individual traveller level in CTM Portal. But what happens when an incident occurs and a traveller’s safety or productivity is at risk? Our dedicated global risk tracking solution and interactive map overlay identifies which travellers could be in harm’s way, giving the the opportunity to communicate with impacted travellers and update their travel itinerary.

CTM Risk Hub and Traveller Tracker can be provided to not just travel programme admins, but also your HR and dedicated security or risk teams if you have them. The combination of global and local risk APIs feed CTM Risk Hub with critical data that gives you the full picture of a wide range of potential travel disruptions, including civil unrest, natural disasters, terrorism, transport disruption and health updates, including a dedicated COVID-19 summary.

Make travel administration effortless with integrated approvals and invoices

You shouldn’t have to manage approvals or find invoices for online bookings made across multiple platforms or teams. CTM Approve takes multiple policies, traveller groups and even regional differences in booking workflows and collates them into one simple feed that you and other travel approvers can see, approve or deny all in one place thanks to the seamless integration with CTM Portal and Lightning.

Get instant access and answers from your travel data analytics

Travel Managers, Procurement Officers, and Finance Directors need to know what’s being spent on travel, but also where, when, how and who by. We can surface snapshots of your most important travel reports and benchmarks right inside CTM Portal and let you dive into the data in just one click with instant access for designated roles to CTM Data Hub. There’s no need to configure a dedicated business intelligence platform and we even display custom information or user-definable interface data (UDID) that’s critical to your business, like cost centres or temporary project codes.

All of this data, smart filtering, and intuitive dashboards come as standard for you and your fellow programme admins right inside CTM Data Hub and are built on the scalability and strength of Mircosoft Power BI.

The whole is most definitely more powerful than the sum of the parts in CTM Portal thanks to its intuitive display, seamless integrations and underlying data flows. If you’d like to spend less time worrying about integrations and focus on better outcomes for your company, travellers, and budget, book a demo of CTM Portal today.

See the future of business travel programmes and see CTM’s travel technology in action.

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